Martin Gilks, Los Angeles 1991.

Sunday, 4 September 2011


Sadly Rob ‘Bass Thing’ Jones is not the only member of the first inception of The Wonder Stuff to no longer be with us (see previous entry). The original drummer, Martin Gilks died on his motorbike, crossing Putney Bridge one afternoon in 2006.

Mild-mannered and softly spoken, he really was one of rock’s good guys.  I was lucky enough to photograph him quite a few times during the band’s golden period and he was never less than a real pleasure to be around.

This photograph was taken during a happy afternoon that Martin, Miles Hunt, James Brown and I spent shopping on Melrose Avenue in LA.  It was taken in the hall of mirrors leading to Billy Shire’s shop Whacko.

He was a very nice bloke.  Gone but certainly not forgotten.