Rita D’Albert, Los Angeles 1991.

Sunday, 23 May 2010 I defy anyone who hasn’t been there (or who hasn’t just read the above caption), to recognize precisely where this shot was taken.  It looks like a real wilderness but it’s actually just a few metres from Mulholland Drive, the road that runs through the middle of one of the world’s largest conurbations.

One time bass player with the LA all-girl band the Pandoras, by this time, Rita was in the band Human Drama.  These days she’s better known as Ursulina in the hugely popular Lucha VaVoom show, which she also co-founded.

We’d had the idea to do this shot for a while but the day I decided to actually do it, I found Rita had sold her sitar.  So we had to drive by McCabe’s Guitar Store and hire this one.