Russell Crowe, Leicester Square, London 1992.

Thursday, 6 May 2010 I was reminded of this photograph today whilst listening to Russell Crowe being interviewed on BBC Radio Five Live.

Russell Crowe may not remember me or the photograph (I’m sure he doesn’t) but he certainly remembers Gavin Martin, the NME journalist that accompanied me for the interview.  

It was soon after Russell Crowe had played the skinhead Hando in the film Romper Stomper. A lot of people were shocked by that film and, according to Mr Crowe on the radio today, Gavin hadn’t liked the film at all.

In the days since this photograph was taken, Russell Crowe has developed something of hard-case reputation for himself off screen as well.  Back then, he seemed as nice as pie.

Nevertheless he still seems to harbor a bit of a grudge against my good friend Gavin, who may need to make sure he doesn’t run in to Mr Crowe again.

Mind you, Gavin is fairly feisty himself so it could be interesting.

I’ll keep you posted.