Debbie Harry, Hammersmith Odeon 1977.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010 This was during the UK tour Blondie did with Television. My girlfriend and I had bought a ticket to go and see them at the Hammersmith Odeon and, luckily, our tickets were quite near the front.

I did what I often did back in the days of being a keen amateur: once the lights went down, I slipped out of my seat, ran down to the front and jumped into the pit and tried to loose myself among all the other photographers. I had no camera bag or anything, but since I only owned one camera and one lens, I didn’t really need one. Besides, with Debbie Harry on stage, no one was really going to be looking at me. 

In all honesty, that sort of thing wasn’t hard to do back then. There was very little stage security in the ‘70s and certainly none of the “first three numbers, no flash” lark that photographers are saddled with these days. When I eventually processed the film I was surprised to see how it looked like Debbie Harry was actually looking right at me in some of the shots.