The Jesus And Mary Chain, Tottenham 1985.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


This photograph was taken at the height of the hype surrounding this band. It was at that point when they were getting a lot of headlines about them fomenting ‘riots’ and suchlike at their gigs.

I saw them at an Electric Ballroom gig a few weeks before, which descended into chaos but I certainly wouldn't call it a riot.  Certainly not in the context of recent events in London.  

I guess it's just one of those words people seem to love to use at the least excuse.

I met them at their manager, Alan McGee’s house in Tottenham. They were as good as gold. First of all we did some photos of them standing in the drained main pool at Haringey Baths. After that, these were taken under a nearby railway line.

There is some interesting stuff about a so called riot here -