Camden Palace 1982.

News update for 2015.

From March 6th I’ll be having a small show at Galerie Koll and Friends in Berlin.

Called ‘Derek Ridgers London Youth’ you can find the gallery at Buchladen Eisenherz, Motzstraße 23 · Berlin-Schöneberg.

In the Spring I’m being included in a Photographers Gallery show of British Photography in China.

It kicks off at the OCT-Loft in Shenzen on April 25th.  (I don’t know China at all but apparently it’s a short ferry ride from Hong Kong).

It will be on for approximately 8 weeks.  They hope it will later go to Beijing and Shanghai.  I will try to keep you informed.

I also have a couple of new books in the early stages of production, both should be available in the Autumn.

One, called ‘The Dark Carnival,’ will be a large selection of my London nightclub portraits which now stretch across five decades.

The other one, is currently called ‘The Others. I can’t say too much more because I don’t know too much more myself.

There’s also a punk book planned (touch wood) for 2016.

I’d like to apologise for not having updated this blog for so long now but there have been issues with the hosting company.  Coupled with my own crippling laziness.

I hope to address both these factors in the next couple of weeks.

I’m not too sure if the photograph above will be in any of my new books.  It first featured in my Photographers Gallery show called ‘The Kiss’ in 1982 so seemed somewhat appropriate for this.