Amanda Lear, West London 1984.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


There always did seem to be a lot of mythology surrounding Amanda Lear.  I remember reading decades ago about her starting out as a female impersonator called Peki D'Oslo.

It’s in Wikipedia but  I have no idea if this is actually true.

In the flesh she seemed charming but, one hesitates to say, slightly dull.  Especially bearing in mind the kind of people she'd met and worked with - like Salvador Dali, Helmut Newton and Brian Jones.

The strangest thing was, when I photographed her I was with the writer Jane Solanas and the whole time Amanda Lear insisted on referring to Jane as a "he."  Admittedly Jane Solanas wore her hair short and used no make-up.  And I suppose her clothes were a little gender indeterminate.  But you'd think someone like Amanda Lear would have a little more sensitivity about that kind of stuff.

Jane was a bit miffed by it but she didn't say anything.  Until we got outside.