Eurythmics, Camden Town 1982.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011 I photographed Eurythmics quite a few times in the first seven years of their existence.

In the early '80s, whilst I still had a day job at an ad agency, I got a monthly commission from Cosmopolitan magazine to search out and photograph some upwardly mobile new bands.  I can't remember the exact circumstances but somehow I'd met Cynthia Rose, a writer at NME, and she had her ear much closer to the musical ground than I had.  She tipped me off about Eurythmics.  

I hadn't been too impressed by the Tourists but eventually I went to check out Eurythmics at an enthusiastic but sparsely attended gig at the Fridge in Brixton.  I was immediately won over.  I got their phone number from Cynthia, gave them ring and photographed them hanging around in a yard outside the studio they were working in, in Camden Town.

This photograph, or one very like it, duly appeared in Cosmo.