Fifi Dennison, Willesden 1991.

Thursday, 17 June 2010 I always loved photographing Fifi (aka Fiona), she was funny, inventive and always eager to get in front of a camera. But I never really knew anything about her life. Often I prefer it that way because it doesn’t always help to photograph someone if you know them too well.

I think she was a singer but to be completely honest, at that time I’d never heard a not of her music.  Her full stage name was ‘Fifi La Douche D’Or’ which sounds really classy, unless you know what it means.

This shot was taken in a huge car breakers yard near the famous railway  junction.  I attempted to ask the guy running the place for permission to shoot there but when I walked into his office he said, without even looking up “Whatever you want, the answers no.”

So we simply went round the back, climbed over the fence and did it anyway.  Bearing in mind that I’m not exactly sure what the Statute of Limitations is on trespass, I may have just imagined this.